We LOVE music at MoonRock. Music video is where we started, and it's still where our creativity really shines. Powerful things can be achieved when audio & visual design collide! Can you tell, we're a little passionate about this....?

So whether it's a showreel for an entertainment/cover band project, or a powerful narrative film to accompany an original single/album release, we are excited to be involved in your project- from concept to completion. We love to experiment and come up with new ideas to deliver the art the music calls for.

You've poured all your passion into the music, let us help you do it justice with some unforgettable visuals!

We are able to stage, direct, edit and provide all the artistic services required toward the completion of a music video of exceptional quality, delivered in full HD for all online platforms.

And some of our previous music videos have also done well at international film festivals! So you never know where a powerful music video can take you...

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